Run Ball(an interesting variation of the rounders game)

Form of organisation: Teams

Materials:one handball


Description of the game:
2 teams (running and field teams) play against each other on a 20 by 30 meter pitch.
The fielding team is lined up in circuit formation within the limited field. The students of the running team reside outside the pitch behind the baseline (refer to sketch below).
Now the first player of the running team throws the handball onto the pitch and immediately runs around the pitch after the throw. One player of the field team must pick up or catch the ball as soon as possible and throw the ball to his teammates in the circle. Subsequently, the ball must be passed on through the entire circle as quickly as possible. The last player in the circle must throw the handball across the baseline. Once the ball crosses the baseline, the player of the running team must stop immediately and go back three steps. Once the next student of the running team has thrown the ball, the player concerned may continue. The objective is also to cross the baseline.
As soon as all players of the running team run once around the pitch, the heat is over and teams may change roles.
Scoring: The winner is the team which needs fewer ball throws to send all players of their own team once around the pitch.
Only one player of the respective running team may be on its way around the pitch. The next player may only start immediately after the previous student has crossed the baseline.