React (a fast, funny running game)

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: none


Description of the game:
The whole class is divided into groups of three (or four) - except for one couple. The couple remains with the game leader, whilst the remaining students in their groups spread around the hall lying side by side on their stomach.
Now the game begins: The couple will become the catcher and the hunted. The hunted student can "rescue" himself from the catcher by lying on the floor tightly to the side of a group of three. If this is accomplished by the hunted before being touched by the catcher, the now "surplus" student at the opposite end must get up quickly and assume the role of the catcher.
If the hunted is already touched during his elopement, he will immediately become the catcher.
Game variants:
1. This game can also be played with two pairs of catchers. Thus, the game becomes even faster.
2. Each hunted may only seek a group for rescue for 5 seconds. Thus, change between the catcher and the hunted is accelerated.