Form of organisation: Teams

Materials: marking cones, volleyball

Description of the game:

Two teams play against each other. The line-up equals the rounders game. One team is on the pitch, the other team is at the baseline. A player of the team outside the field throws the ball onto the pitch. The entire team then runs around the pitch. The team on the pitch tries to catch the ball. If a player has caught the ball, he quickly stands still with straddled legs. The entire team on the pitch runs to this player and lines up in a row behind him also with straddled legs. The player in front now roles the ball through the straddled legs to the last player. The last player lifts the ball up, runs to the baseline where he places the ball and shouts "Alaska".
The team off the pitch scores one point for each player who managed to complete his run around the pitch before “Alaska” was shouted. The teams can swap function either after each round or after a certain number of rounds.
In this variant of the rounders game, all the players are in motion.

Not the entire team runs around the pitch at once, but only three players at a time. One child from the group of three throws the ball. Depending on the number of people per team, the pitch, which must be circled, may be varied in size (cone up). The ball may also be thrown outside the pitch.