The Spider Web

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: string or rope

Description of the game:


The spider web game is one of the very fun and exciting acquaintance games. It is very easy to perform and suitable for all ages. A long string, a rope or the like is the only tool required. All group members stand in a circle and the game leader places the string in the centre of the circle. Now one of the players grabs the rope and throws the end to another person, whereby the player holds on to one part of the rope, while calling his name out aloud. Thus, a first "thread" of the spider web is spun between the first two players. The new person now firmly holds the rope at a slightly lower position, then throws the end of the rope to another player while also calling his name out loud. This carries on until each players holds the rope tight and a large spider web with many threads (connections between the people) is created. Now the game goes into the opposite direction: the last person throws the rope back to the person from whom the rope was previously received while saying the person's name. If all players still remember the name of their predecessor, the spider web can be resolved without knots.