Obstacle RacePlace: Czech Republic

Form of organisation: Teams, entire group

Materials: different obstacles, blindfolds

Description of the game:


An obstacle course is designed for a group of approximately eight children with obstacles, such as wooden blocks which are climbed over, chairs, which have to be dodged. And then you pass by on the left, pass by on the right ...... one of you shall be appointed as referee. The remaining children form two groups with two to three 'blindfolded' runners, each with a guide. The runners stand blindfolded at the starting line, the second runner puts his hands on the shoulders of the person in front of him. They start the race upon the referee's command, who clocks the time, and you have to guide the two of them by shouting out to them. The time is noted when the first group has completed the obstacle course. It is then the second group's turn, etc. - the fastest group ultimately wins.