Apple, Pear, CherryPlace: Israel

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: ropes

Description of the game:


Have you ever seen a jumping Pear? Well you will, with this game! You form a group of five to eight children and have a skipping rope several metres long. Except for the two players who swing the skipping rope, you all give yourself "fruit names" such as Apple, Pear, Banana, Orange, Cherry.

Everybody gets a turn to individually jump in. After a few practice rounds, the swingers initially call out two types of fruit and only the children who have these fruit names can now jump in. They then call out more and more types of fruit and finally they say "Apple, Pear, Cherry". At this point, all children have a turn and must attempt to jump over the rope at the same time. Well, this can only result in fruit salad!