I am strongerPlace: France

Form of organisation: Teams

Materials: sturdy stick, gym mat

Description of the game:


Let your muscles come into play. Are you strong, or are you very skilful? You can test it out in this game with two players and a referee. You need a sturdy stick approx. 1.50 meters long and a stopwatch. The playing time should be approx. 1 or 2 minutes.

Sit opposite each other on the floor, with knees bent, soles of the feet touching each other. Lay the stick across your feet and hold it in a way that the hand of the one player clutches the hand of the teammate. Pull or lift - these are the two variants. Whilst pulling, the player who manages to pull up his opponent off the ground wins. If you choose to lift, you have to mark out the playing field beforehand i.e. ideally with a circle about 2 meters in diameter. The winner is the player who manages to push the other players out of the circle. The game ends in a draw if no group achieves the target of the game within the agreed time.


Game! Place the stick on the tip of the outstretched index finger. From there, you move the stick over the middle and ring finger to the small finger and back again, during which, it is not permitted to use the other hand to help. The game can be easily played alone or with several children - in the latter, the player who first manages to balance the stick faultlessly across a previously marked line, wins the game.