Hen and CaterpillarPlace: Morocco

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: none

Description of the game:


Here comes the terribly hungry Hen. Pay attention! This is how you form the Caterpillar - Position yourselves in a row and lay your hands on the shoulders of the child standing in front of you. One child is left out, this is the Hen. The Hen is hungry, she wants to eat the Caterpillar. While doing so, she may only try to separate the last child of the Caterpillar at a time. Whilst the Hen grabs the child at the tail end, you have to dodge the Caterpillar. As a result, it can happen that the Caterpillar breaks apart. The children of the broken off part are now out of the game. The game is over as soon as the Caterpillar has "eaten” the last player apart from the head. Simply switch roles for the second round: The Hen becomes the head of the Caterpillar, and the last Caterpillar child plays the Hen.