Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: cardboard for turntable, foil

Description of the game:



All inhibitions are overcome at the very latest once this acquaintance game, which consists of approximately two square meters of foil with colourful dots and a turntable, is finished. In addition the body coordination and the sense of balance of the participants are encouraged. The turntable consists of four quarters, each representing one part of the body, i.e., the right foot, the left foot, the right hand and the left hand. Each quarter is further divided in the four colours, which are distributed as points on the foil. There are always two players on the pitch, and another person who rotates the turn table and gives instructions on the positions to be assumed. For example, put the left hand on green, whereby each colour point may only be used by one player respectively. As the game progresses, the positions of the players will become more knotted and crazier until one player can no longer hold himself and touches the floor with his abdomen, bottom, back or head and thus looses this group game.