Say a numberPlace: Philippines

Form of organisation: Teams

Materials: none

Description of the game:


This is an exciting game for children who like to calculate and combine and can move skilfully.

You form two or several equal-sized teams with a minimum of five up to a maximum of ten children and a game leader. Before you begin, you must determine your highest number. You need to find your team's strength and multiply this with the number 5. Suppose for example, you are a group of five children, then your maximum number is 25, your minimum number is 5. This is how the game works: The game leader selects any number between the smallest number and 25, for example 12. Now each team must position itself in such a way that they can touch the ground with exactly 12 parts of the body. This works when five children put both feet on the ground and two of them touch the ground with one hand. The winner is the fastest group to position itself correctly.