Monster Game (funny running and catching game)

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: none


Description of the game:
One or more monsters running through the hall roaring and in scary motion. In the hall there are some groups of 2 (“life rafts”) and free players, which the monster(s) aims for. Of course, the free players are very scared and run away from the monster(s) screaming. Players can only rescue themselves by clinging on to a player at the “life raft”. This however causes the other player on the other side of the group of 2 to lose grip and in turn becomes a new monster, which in turn limping and howling, goes hunting. Once a new monster was created, the old monster becomes an anxious player who needs to run away and must be caught by the monsters.
A game during which mainly the vocal cords and laughter muscles become warm and the mood becomes relaxed.
Variant:The game is getting slightly simpler if no new monsters and only one new victim respectively result from the groups of two (the “life rafts”) that run for their lives.