Mayor and Police OfficerPlace: Sierra Leone

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: Paper and pens

Description of the game:


Can you already add up and read well? Then this is just the right game for you. Let us begin with the prep work: You will need six slips of paper and a pen. Take the slips of paper and mark them with the following number of points: King: 70, Police Officer: 60, Mayor: 40, Dog: 30, Cat: 20, Mouse: 10

Now fold the slips of paper, shuffle them around and then distribute them. Now you shall see what role you have been allocated - are you the King? Or the Dog? Caution - Only the Mayor and the Police Officer are also recognisable as such. And now the game begins:

The Mayor asks the Police Officer where he can find one of the animals, for example, the Mouse. The Police Officer has to make a guess and suggests one of the children. If he guesses correctly, he receives the 10 mouse points in addition to his 60 points. The Mouse does not receive any points. If he guesses incorrectly, he receives no points whatsoever, however the other animals are credited with the points. After each round of guessing, the slips of paper are shuffled for a new round. The winner is the child who has collected the most points after the sixth round.