Mat Foot Basketball(funny ball game)

Form of organisation: Teams

Materials: 1 foam ball team bands, 5 gym mats


Description of the game:
Initially five gym mats are distributed in the hall in the shape of the five on a dice. Here, the centred mat can also be a soft floor.
Two teams, for example, 7 vs. 7, play against each other with a foam ball. The aim of the game is to throw the foam ball into the opponent's basket. Unlike the basketball - as in football - one is allowed to run with the ball. However, the player must place the ball immediately on the floor, once he gets touched by the opponent. Touching back is prohibited and touching a player without the ball is useless.
Once a player touches a mat with a body part, he may not be touched.
The game was invented by eighth grade students. Very little material is required and the children have to run a lot.
Thanks to the mats, the game offers plenty of room for tactical considerations. Since there is no dribbling as in basketball, it is technically less demanding.
It can be simplified for younger students by defining the basketball board / square of the board as the goal instead of the basket itself.