Line ball(medicine ball game)

Form of organisation:

Materials:one small medicine ball and team bands

Description of the game:
2 teams (5-8 players each) play against each other on a 15 by 30 meter pitch.
In order to score points, the attacking team must place the medicine ball behind the base line of the opponent. Breakthroughs at the own base line must be prevented. The ball may be carried, bounced and rolled. The use of feet is not permitted.
Only balls placed behind the opponents base line are considered as goals.
If the ball is rolled or thrown across the base line, the opponent shall receive a free throw at the applicable location. The same applies if a ball is out or a foul is committed. The player having the ball may neither be held, clasped, or jostled.
Unclear situations shall be clarified by an upwards throw.
In this game, the game leader should pay particular attention to fair play.