Jump over the mountainPlace: Philippines

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: none

Description of the game:


A game for athletic and courageous children who like to jump and are not afraid when others jump over them. You form a group of at least five children. Two sit on the floor and touch each other with their feet. Their legs form the obstacle that becomes higher from one round to the next. The winner is the child who faultlessly jumps over the hurdle five times.

In the first round, the legs lie flat on the ground, during the second round, the children move a little closer together, and put their feet in pairs one above the other. The hurdle becomes higher in the third round during which they hold each others hands. In the fourth round, each spread the fingers of one hand, whereby the thumb of one hand touches the little finger of the other - the obstacle herewith becomes 10 cm higher! In the fifth round, the fingers of all four hands are spread and form a tower, which is not easy to overcome!