The Wizard and the Good Fairy(funny running and catching game)

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: approx. 4 team bands (depending on class size)


Description of the game:
Four players (the wizards) will each receive a team band and leave the hall for a short time. While the wizards are waiting outside the door, the teacher will designate a child to be the "GOOD FAIRY". The wizards are called into the hall and immediately begin to catch fellow students. Each child touched by a wizard remains transfixed with his hands on the head.
Once the “good fairy” touches a transfixed player with her finger, such student is freed and can play along again.
The games is over once the wizards have identified and caught the “good fairy”.
Note: Obviously the transfixed players may not call the “good fairy” by name and may only call: “good fairy save me!"