The Sea Monster(running and catching game)

Form of organisation: 4 teams

Materials: one large soft floor mat, team bands


Description of the game:
For this funny running and catching game, students are divided into 4 teams (e.g., dolphins, sharks, whales, rays). One student of the class plays the "sea monster" and stands on the soft floor mat, which is located in the centre of the hall. All the other children now run through the hall counter clockwise and encircle the hiding place of the “sea monster” (soft floor mat). Once the game leader shouts e.g., “dolphins”, all students of the dolphins group must get to safety behind their marking cones. If the game leader shouts e.g., “sharks”, all students of the shark group must swim for their lives, etc. If a “sea creature” gets caught or touched by the sea monster, it now belongs to the group of sea monsters and must move to the soft ground mat. The team whose “sea creature” is the last swimming in the ocean (refer to illustration) will be the winner.