Peter Pan (a funny running and catching game)

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: team bands


Description of the game:
The game is played across the entire hall.
Initially three to six catchers are selected (depending on group size). The catchers will each receive a team band and must leave the hall for a short period of time. In the hall and without their knowledge, one student will be designated as “Peter Pan”. This player is equipped with magical powers during the game and is able to release players that were touched off by the catchers. This however, should happen as unnoticed as possible, so that the catchers cannot identify “Peter Pan”. In case “Peter Pan” is also caught, the game will soon be over, since caught players cannot be released any more.
Players caught by the catchers must remain in place and may only play along again after being released by “Peter Pan”.
Variant: It is also possible to deploy several students as “Peter Pan”. The game of course then takes a little longer.