Panther Ball(a funny running and shout-out game)

Form of organisation: entire group

Materials: softballs, gym mats, 2 benches, 2 basketball baskets


Description of the game:
Two teams with two balls (variant: three or four) try to shoot-out each other by throwing balls. A player who was shot-out takes a seat on the bench in the opponent's field. The earlier one was shot-out, the closer one sits at the centre line. The soft floors and the little mats (see figure) form a pier, everyone is allowed to walk on. The crucial mat is the front mat in the field of the respective opponent. This is the only place from which one may throw at the basket. If one scores a basket, all teammates are back in the game. If one only hits the board (more difficult variant: the small rectangle on the board), only the teammate who has waited the longest on the bench is back in the game. Players may shoot from the entire pier, however, one can also be shot-out quite easily there. On the pier one may also touch the opponent with the ball, so the ball possession is not lost. The team, who first has 7 players sitting on the bench, loses the game. Due to the pier, the game is "action-packed" and can be easily varied. For example, a player on the bench may also shoot-out opponents, if he is lucky enough to get the ball while sitting. Or one may allow players to throw to the board from anywhere and not just from the front mat. Also a not too high (depending on age) mats mountain can be built on the soft floor mat.