Island Ball(ball game)

Form of organisation: Teams

Materials: 2, 3 or up to 5 softballs, 3 to 6 gym mats


Description of the game: The game is played across the entire hall. 3 teams will be formed. Each team grabs a gym mat and places it, where the team believes it to be most convenient for the game. All three teams play against each other. Each team must throw the balls between themselves so cleverly that it hits the opposing players. Any player who has been hit must withdraw to his "Island" (gym mat). However, such player can release himself by hitting an opposing player by throwing a ball. The game is played until one team has banished all opposing players to their "Island".
This game can also be played for a set time. The team who ends up with the fewest players on their own "Island", is the winner. If the hall is too large, this game can also be played in a delimited pitch (e.g., a basketball court). It is also possible to lay out two "islands" (gym mats) per team.