Hunt Ball(a funny shoot-out game)

Form of organisation: Teams

Materials: two big jump boxes, two benches, 2 - 6 softballs or foam balls


Description of the game:
Two teams play against each other. Each team occupies one half of the hall or pitch - depending on the children’s throwing abilities and age. A big jump box is placed in the middle of each side of the pitch, two benches are respectively placed at the outer limit of the centre line of the playing field. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 soft or foam balls are used for shooting-off (refer to Fig. 1 below).
Players try to shoot-out their opponents on the other half of the pitch without leaving their own pitch. Players can hide behind their box to seek shelter. Hit students must sit astride one of the benches in the middle. From there, they may intercept or repel balls and pass them on to their own team. However, they may no longer try to shoot-out their opponents ! The game ends, once
a) only three players are left in a team
b) the set time has elapsed. Which team ends up with most players in the field?
Note: The game provides the opportunity to engage many students. Weaker students have - in the sense of an inner differentiation - the ability to take back some of the players and to protect, stronger players can see the "dangers" of the game to expose a little more.
Variant: The total pitch shall be divided into three fields. All players are allowed to move in the third, centre field (for the very brave!). Hit students have to lie on the floor and call for help. The helper pairs, which are equipped with two wooden sticks - e.g., gymnastics bars - carry hit players to a gym mat, which is located behind the baseline of their own pitch. Those players are than freed and may return to actively participate in the game. However helpers in action may not be hit.