Box Handball (variant of a handball game)

Form of organisation:

Materials: Two central sections of a large box, volleyball or handball


Description of the game:
The box sections are placed horizontally on the ground about three meters from the hall wall. They serve as goals. Two teams (6-8 people) try to roll or throw the ball through the goals; scoring is allowed from the front and from behind a goal. When scoring, the ball is passed to the team that received the goal. Dribbling with the ball is not permitted. Thus players must get unmarked without the ball, in order to get the ball in the vicinity of the goal. Furthermore, the ball may only be played by hand. A goalkeeper is not required and it is forbidden to sit on or to lay in front of the box sections. If required, a rule can be introduced, that nobody may reside in the vicinity
of the box sections.
Note: The game is played across the hall, so that it is possible to play with four teams in a hall half simultaneously. Also tournaments are possible.